Tree Planting

The planting of a tree is an investment in your landscape and environment that will provide years of beauty and property value. The planting process should be carefully planned to ensure the right tree is planted in the right place, at the right time.

Forest Glenn Tree Care considers three key factors which are critical to the planting process: site selection and preparation; tree requirements and characteristics; and post planting maintenance. It is important to make an informed decision to avoid potential issues that could impact your tree... and your wallet. The Certified Arborists at Forest Glenn Tree Care will help you choose the right tree, plant it for you in the right place, at the right time.

Our tree planting services include:

  • The supply and planting of your chosen tree
  • Locates for services such as hydro, gas, cable, phone and water
  • Fertilizer after one year
  • Post planting maintenance is available
It's also important to remember that, with the addition of the tree bylaws, replanting for replacement value of our green space within the GTA is now mandatory. The Certified Arborists at Forest Glenn Tree Care have the necessary skills to properly remove trees, grind out the stump, and plant a replacement tree as outlined to meet the specifications required by the city in which you live. Please see the links provided in the Arborist Reports/TPZ section of our website for the tree bylaw details in your area.

Contact us for a consultation on your tree planting requirements.