Arborist Reports/TPZ

Arborist Reports
There are a number of new municipal tree by-laws designed to preserve and protect privately owned trees. Frequently, a permit may be required to remove trees even on your own property. The Certified Arborists at Forest Glenn Tree Care are familiar with the by-laws in your area, are qualified to assist you with obtaining the necessary permits, and can provide an Arborist Report which is often necessary to acquire the permit.

Tree Protection Zones (TPZ)
When undertaking a residential construction project, such as an addition to your home, a Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) may have to be established before construction can begin. A TPZ is a designated area around trees where maximum protection and preservation efforts are implemented to minimize the negative effects of the construction on your trees.

The Certified Arborists at Forest Glenn Tree Care can advise you if your construction plans will cause any harm to the existing trees on your property by considering factors such as the location of the trees root system.

Additional information on by-laws and permit requirements for some of the areas serviced by Forest Glenn Tree Care may be found at:

Town of Aurora –

Town of Markham -

Town of Richmond Hill –

City of Toronto -

City of Vaughan –