Tree Cabling and Bracing

Structural support systems professionally installed.

Professional Tree Cabling And Bracing

As your tree matures, structural support such as cabling and bracing may be required to ensure the continued longevity and safety of your tree. The two main reasons for installing a structural support system in your tree are prevention; to reduce the chance of a failure in a healthy tree with structural weakness and restoration; to prolong the existence of a damaged tree.

The Certified Arborists at Forest Glenn Tree Care Inc can assess your trees overall structural integrity and health and inform you if it is a candidate for a support system.

A support system using bolts and steel cables (Static System) would be installed to support limbs or branch unions which are visibly split, usually due to a storm. This type of system does not allow for movement in the failed union.

A support system using a Cobra Cable (Dynamic System), made from UV protected synthetic braided rope, would be installed when there is a weakness in a branch union but no signs of failure. These cables may be used as a preventative measure of support while still enabling strong, healthy growth as they are specifically designed to be flexible and shock absorbing. This type of system allows slight branch movement but limits the extreme to which it can move, especially during a storm, therefore reducing the risk of limb failure. Cobra cables will require replacement every 7-10 years.

It is our recommendation that you have your system inspected annually to ensure that it is still functioning properly. Inspections are also recommended as the tree grows as additional cables may be required.

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